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Yahoo CAPTCHA Hacked

A team of Russian hackers has found a way to decipher a Yahoo CAPTCHA, thought to be one of the most difficult, with 35% accuracy. The Russian group's notice, posted by one "John Wane," is dated January 16. This site hosts a rapidshare link to what looks ...

Microsoft puts old Office code on web

Microsoft has made technical information for its older binary Office document formats available for download following pressure from participants in the ongoing, somewhat fiery, standardization debate. Redmond's Office programme manager Brian Jones said in a blog post this week that the documentation will be accessible via download.

YouTube Beats Fox for Video Market Share

Google's YouTube is the top destination for online video content. Videos produced by the online search engine and its holdings account for 31.3 percent of the 9.5 billion videos consumed on the Web in November 2007, according to data from comScore. That's up from 28.3 percent in ...

Source code for SimCity goes open

Source code for SimCity has been released under the GPL v3. The open source version was renamed Micropolis, which was apparently the original working title. Some cool changes have been made by Don Hopkins, who updated and ported what is now Micropolis. Among other things, it has ...

Alienware’s Wraparound Gaming Monitor

This Wraparound Gaming Monitor by Alienware was a prototype displayed at CES 2008 expo. It supports a max Res of 2880x900. This sample appears bleak and washed out. However, the commercial models which will be out later would hopefully live upto the gamer's dream.

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