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Wait! Dont throw away that old cell phone!


CellForCash.com offers you cash for your old cell phones. Cell for cash currently accepts mobiles from most manufacturers. So, if you have a cell phone lying around the house which is of no use, sell a cell phone to CellForCash.com 😀 .. They also have a referral scheme in which you can earn 5$ per referral. I think it is a flat $5 per referral, meaning if you get 20 friends to join, you get 100$. It did help sell my old cell phone

Herez a testimonial from their site
“My experience with Cell for Cash has been very pleasurable. This is my second transaction and it is so simple and completely worth the 5 minutes of time that it took me. The best part is that Cell for Cash does all the work from sending the box with the return postage already paid to sending an email when each step is completed. I have recommended Cell for Cash to all of my friends and family. If I have the opportunity again I will chose Cell for Cash in a heart beat! ” – S.M. North Andover, MA


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One response to “Wait! Dont throw away that old cell phone!”

  1. Casino says:

    What is it for them? No one is interested in old phones anymore…