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Chrome OS Beta Might Be Releasing December 2010


Earlier, the Chrome OS was proposed to be released sometime this year. However, at the Web 2.0 summit (November 15 to 17 2010), it was announced that the OS would be releasing in a few months [meaning not this year].

Recently, Google has hinted that a beta release of ChromeOS might be possible this year, with December remaining in 2010.

Ever since Google proposed to make Google Chrome OS, it has received a lot of speculation as it would be going head-on with Microsoft, whose Windows OS runs on more than 90% of the 1.4 Billion PCs worldwide. Windows 7 also created history by being the fastest selling OS ever.

Chrome OS may not be as powerful and versatile as Windows, but promises to do all the basics that most people use. It is so-named as it looks similar to the Chrome Browser

Links : Screenshot of Chromium OS | Official Page

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