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Clicksor 2009 Report


Clicksor reports that some of their publishers do make $5K to $10K every 15 days (which is the payment cycle for clicksor).

These are the stats generated based on some publishers daily earnings by running Clicksor’s Ads:

Inline-Text CPC $0.03-0.05 150 $5 – $8
Banners CPC $0.03-0.05 150 $5 – $8
Banners CPM $0.25-0.45 100,000 $25-$45
Pop-Under CPV $0.0024-0.0035 100,000 $240- $350
Interstitial CPI $0.005-0.007 100,000 $500-$700

Note: All stats, averages and ranges were pulled from Clicksor Publishers’ Data Base from June 1 –November 30, 2009. This is only a sample comparison. Individual results may vary.

Please keep in mind that Clicksor publishers maximize their earnings by combining the above ads in conjunction with their current Clicksor ads on their website.

  • Inline-Text and CPC Banners are the general industry standard ads. They work well on sites of any category and have high click through rates. Some publishers are making up to $27 a day.
  • CPM Banners make a great addition to your current ads. You make money by simply having the ad on your website. They work well on sites dealing with Health/ Money/ Online Trading/ Finance/ Business Insurance/ Dating/ Shopping. On average, publishers are making $25-$45 a day.
  • Full Page Pop-Under Ads are highly under utilized by publishers. They feel that the ads are intrusive to visitors. This is not true, Clicksor allows publishers to have 100% control of their Pop-Under ads by using Frequency Caps.  Pop-Under ads has a very high overall pay out! On average, publishers are making around $240-$350 a day.
  • Interstitial Ads has some of the highest payouts in Clicksor’s Network. They work well on sites dealing with Video/ Movies/ Music/ Gambling/ Sports/ Betting/ Ringtones/ Entertainment/ Downloadable Games! On average, publishers are making around $500-$700 a day.

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