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Convert Flash SWF into HTML5 using Google Swiffy

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Google’s Swiffy converts flash SWF animations to HTML5. You just need to upload the SWF file and Swiffy does all the hard work for you. This means flash developers can now just upload and convert their work and to make their sites work on devices without Flash Player support like the iPhone or the iPad.

Swiffy converts the flash animations into a JSON file, which comes to be roughly about 10% bigger in size compared to the flash file. Swiffy supports most of the new features available in Flash 8 and basic ActionScript 2.0 code, which means it can convert quite complex animations into HTML5.

The browser has to be webkit based (Eg: Chrome/Safari) for all the animations to appear properly. Bue I tired the result on Firefox 5 and it was almost perfect, apart from some minor differences.

Convert SWF to HTML5 here.
See some samples here.

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