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Darksiders 3 Release Date and info


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Nordic scooped up a bevy of THQ properties in a $4.9 million auction back in April 2013 after THQ Darksiders’ studio, THQ had filed for bankruptcy. Alongside Darksiders, the Swedish company now owns the rights to Red Faction, Supreme Commander, Full Spectrum Warrior, MX vs. ATV, among other games.

Nordic Games wants Crytek & Original Developers to revive the series, but Nordic Games also Confirmed that Darksiders 3 would’nt make an E3 2014 appearance.

Creative Director Joe Madureira says that Darksiders owners Nordic Games “seems very committed to continuing the series.”

The twitter account says “Darksiders is definitely NOT dead, we have not arrived at the announcing-stage just yet; need more EXP first!” View Tweet

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