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Decrease load on your wordpress blog with WP-Supercache


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You must have seen it mentioned at many a places. The WP-Supercache plugin by Donncha is indeed effective in bringing down the load on your server. This comes especially handy if you are hosted on a Shared hosting which will probably Suspend your account if your blog takes up a lot of CPU for more than a specified time.

Here are the results for blogulate.com on MediaTemple.

W/O Supercache : 20.08 GPUs
W Supercache : 13.61 GPUs

Get the plugin here.

This plugin generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After a html file is generated your webserver will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.

The static html files will be served to the vast majority of your users, but because a user’s details are displayed in the comment form after they leave a comment those requests are handled by PHP.

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