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Difference between AMOLED and Super AMOLED


AMOLED is short for Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode. They deliver superior image and color reproduction when compared to a TFT/LCD and are more cost effective, consumes much lesser power, produces vivid colors and can render faster motion responses. The AMOLED displays have a higher refresh rate and hence they consume significantly less power. This makes AMOLED ideal for devices where batter power consumptions are critical. The demand for AM-OLED screens were very high. At one point, there there was a shortage of AMOLED Screens, which even hindered the production of devices using it – including HTC’s Droid Incredible and EVO 4G smartphones.

The Super AMOLED is the next generation of AMOLED screens developed by Samsung. It tries to address issues like the lackluster performance of AMOLED screens when viewed under direct sunlight and increasing the number of subpixels in a group to display finer details. Super AMOLED consumes 20% lesser power than an AMOLED and is 20% more brighter. It is also much thinner (no extra touch panel overlay) than AMOLEDs.

Differences between AMOLED and S AMOLED

  • AMOLED Screens are very hard to see in direct sunlight. Super AMOLED tries to minimize the sunlight reflection by reducing the size of gaps between layers of the screen.
  • AMOLED Screens have a Touch Sensor (TSP) overlaying the display, which adds to the cost & thickness of the screen. In SAMOLED, the layer which detects touch is integrated right into the screen.

To finish off, here’s a video from Samsung showcasing the difference in technology and clarity between TFT LCD, AMOLED and S AMOLED displays:

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