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Digg brings back its Bury Button


The “Bury” button is back on the new-design digg. It allows users to bury a story they think is spam/inappropriate without bringing down the ‘digg’s count. The story will still be visible and operational. Burying also flags the content. Content that will be ‘bury’ed by multiple users would be flagged and sent to the review team, which may then be removed if it is found to be violating the TOS.

From Digg.com
When burying a story, the story will remain visible with the ‘Buried’ label on top of it. Simply hover over the story and the label will hide so that you can continue interacting with the story. Note, you can still save or comment on stories that you’ve buried, but you can’t Digg something once you’ve buried it so make sure you use some discretion when burying. We’ve also removed the “Report” link from permalink pages. This was intentional, as burying a story also flags the story for review so our team can remove content that violates our terms of service.

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