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Disable Animations to Make Firefox perform Faster

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Firefox 4 and above comes with this brilliant feature of Grouping Tabs (Panorama) and tried once, people will definitely start using it routinely. It comes real handy to folks who have tens of tabs open all the time.

The only problem are the animations. Restoring/jumping to tabs in Groups brings up an animated zoom effect which seems to be very sluggish on most laptops. Disabling such animations will make Firefox appear much faster.

Goto about:config and search for “animate”. Set options like browser.panorama.animate_zoom and browser.tabs.animate to false.

This might not have any effect on the performance of the browser, but it sure does make tabs appear faster and gives a feeling of quickness.

Btw, I’ve switched to Firefox 12 Nightly and it’s simply amazing. If you’d like to give FF12 a whirl, get it from here.

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