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Disabling Facebook’s Theater Mode for Albums

Facebook rolled out the ‘Theater Mode’, a fullscreen lightbox-like jQuery photo viewer for displaying photos and albums a while back. This was not taken well with the community. Here are a few ways to override the theater mode and display the album in old-school Facebook style:

The Easiest Temporary Solution: Middle click

Whenever you see a link to a photo/album, middle click the link to open it in a new tab, thereby forcing Facebook to display the old-school album in a new browser tab.
Middle clicking on a link serves the same purpose as right clicking on the link and choosing “Open Link in New Tab”. For mice without a middle button and laptop trackpads, hold down CTRL and click the link.

How to disable theatre mode in Facebook

A Permanent Solution: Using Browser Addons and Extensions

  • Firefox Users – Install the “Facebook PhotoTheater Killer 1.0” addon here.
  • Chrome Users – Get the “Old FB Album” chrome extension here.
  • Internet Explorer – You must be kidding. Get Firefox 4 here and then get the Firefox addon here.

Other ways (Inefficient)

  • When viewing a photo in theater mode, hit F5 to refresh the page.
  • In the album/photo url, take out the “&theater” part and hit enter in the address bar.
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