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Enterprise Nube: Cloud based solutions for digital enterprise



Subshash Dhar, Ex-Infosys Council Member has gone ahead and started his own venture –  Enterprise Nube.  The key area EnterpriseNube focuses on would be ‘digital enterprises’ where the ‘off-the-shelf’ sachets or Nubes will come with innovative solutions to sieve through social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to help companies identify and analyse customers.

EnterpriseNube is the next generation services firm that blends cloud-based business platforms with social chatter and offers unique, best of breed solutions to its customers. It offers out of the box domain-specific services called Nubes, and backs it up with best of breed operations (hardware, software, people).

EN plans to use existing platforms like ones offered by SalesForce.com and plans to launch primarily into the marketing, sales and customer service domains.

In the times of successive recessions, wherein cos. are trying their best to reduce operational costs, such pay-per-use models would be very effective and that’s exactly what Dhar is planning on tapping into. To begin with, Enterprise Nube will closely work with cos. in the banking, financial services and telecom sectors.

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Or check out eNube’s official website at enterprisenube.com

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