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Exclude categories from wordpress frontpage

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I stumbled upon this when Blogulate.com’s first post was made. I didnt want the Blog Reviews to appear on the homepage.

This is actually very simple. All you have to do is modify some PHP code.

First, goto Manage > Categories and get the ID of the Category you wish to exclude. Then, go to WP admin and selet Presentation > Theme Editor ..

For your current theme, edit the loop where the posts are displayed. (It varies according to the theme… It was theloop.php for my K2 theme. )

Here is the sample from K2 Theme’s post display loop.

<?php /* Start the loop */ while ( have_posts() )





<?php /* Start the loop */ while ( have_posts() )



if (is_home()) if (in_category(“14”)) continue;
if (is_home()) if (in_category(“47”)) continue;


The modified code doesnt show posts that belong to Categories 14 and 47 in homepage.

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42 responses to “Exclude categories from wordpress frontpage”

  1. juste put this : &exclude=5 (5 is the ID of the category what we want to exclude)

    Exemple : wp_list_categories('title_li=&exclude=5&orderby=id');

  2. Movies says:

    I used this code. it is actually good. But it does not effect the subcategories of a category.

  3. Online Blend says:

    There is a problem with this, let's say the homepage is supposed to show 10 posts, if 5 of those are in the excluded category the homepage will only show 5 where as the expected behaviour is to continue getting more posts until 10 non-category posts can be shown. How can this be accomplished?

  4. I know this is genuinely boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks – you cleared up some things for me!

  5. Alan Dove says:

    At least in the current version of WordPress, you can use the category name instead of the number, e.g.:

    <code>if (is_home()) if (in_category('uncategorized')) continue;</code>

    Also, if you copy and paste the code in the original post, be sure you change the curly back-ticks to regular straight single quotes, or it won't work.

  6. The easier way to accomplish the same thing is to use this plugin.


    This allows MUCH more flexibility in where your posts are shown.

  7. Martin says:

    Thx! Work great!

  8. พร&#3632 says:

    We enjoy this site given and it has presented me several sort of inspiration to have success for some good reason, so thank you.

  9. Worked like a charm on my site Best Date Night Ideas! This solution did exactly what I wanted it to. Thanks a ton for posting this.

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  11. Mega Rick says:

    Cool, thanks! Exactly what I needed.

  12. bon says:

    how about in archive? how can i hide the selected category?

  13. Gangster95 says:

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  14. Arnold96 says:

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  15. joe says:

    why not just use these plugins, find them in google by typing: "wordpress exclude category plugin"

  16. Matias says:

    Excelent… simple and efective. Thank you thinkdj

  17. To exclude a category from the loop on the front page, find this code:

    and change it to this:

    This will exclude posts in category number four from being displayed on the front page.

  18. Peter says:


    I don't know if it is still usefull for you or that it is just a feature of the TMA theme, but with the code beneath the two categories Asides and Featured are removed from the resulting list.


    get_var("SELECT term_ID FROM $wpdb->terms WHERE name='Asides'"); ?>

    get_var("SELECT term_ID FROM $wpdb->terms WHERE name='Featured'"); ?>

    <?php $the_query = new WP_Query('cat=-' .$catid. ',-' .$catid2. '&showposts=1&orderby=post_date&order=desc');</code>

  19. Fendy Ahmad says:

    Although it'd work skipping the unwanted category but it will not change the number of "Previous Post" pagination at the bottom.

    Have any idea how to modify that?

  20. Rachel Buddeberg says:

    Thanks, Rafael! I'll try that…

  21. Trying again:

    <?php if (have_posts()) : ?>

    <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ? >

    <?php if (is_home()) {

    $categories = get_the_category();

    if (count($categories) == 1 && $categories[0]->cat_ID == '12') continue;

    } ?>

    • Supriya says:

      What is I have to exclude more than 1 category & that too by name ?? I tried this to exclude 1 category :

      cat_name == 'Videos') continue;

      } ?>

      But what for excluding more than 1 categories??

  22. Rachel, this worked for me:

    cat_ID == '12') continue;

    } ?>

    The result is that any posts that have only category 12 will be ignored.

  23. pixie says:

    Do you know how this would work for WordPress 2.5.1, in my K2 theloop.php I have

    and so have made it

    to no avail….

    I have tried countless plug-ins, hacks and code but yours is the only site actually implementing it, I'd be very grateful for any help.

    Cheers, Emma πŸ™‚

  24. Jasmine says:

    Thanks for the tip. I was looking for a plugin to do the job, but now seems it's easier to just hack the index.php file. Quicker and cleaner. πŸ™‚

  25. stim says:


    I've tried every which way and it won't work for me.

    Here's what I did:

  26. Rachel says:

    Hi, thinkdj,

    I think I might've found a solution for #2:





  27. Rachel says:

    Hi, thinkdj,

    I have a couple of questions:

    1) Do you know if there's a way to only include posts if they have categories in addition to the excluded one(s)?

    2) How do I exclude the posts from my "Recent Posts" list on the sidebar? (I am using the My_Link widget for that, see this page for more info on that).

    Thanks so much!


  28. thinkdj says:

    U're welcome Rachel πŸ™‚

  29. Rachel says:

    Thank you so much, thinkdj! This code actually works in WP 2.3.2, whereas all the other tricks I've tried – those published in the codex – do not. They reordered all the posts on my home page, displaying the oldest first – not exactly what I wanted…