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Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts


Here is a compiled list of available shortcuts for Facebook Power Users. The shortcuts differ slightly for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Firefox

Shift+Alt+1: Facebook’s homepage

Shift+Alt+2: Your Facebook profile page

Shift+Alt+3: Friend requests

Shift+Alt+4: Messages

Shift+Alt+5: Notifications

Shift+Alt+6: Account page

Shift+Alt+7: Privacy settings

Shift+Alt+8: Facebook’s page on Facebook

Shift+Alt+9: Facebook Terms of Use

Shift+Alt+0: Facebook Help Center

Shift+Alt + ?: Enables Search

Shift+Alt+m: Compose a new message

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome

Alt+1: Facebook’s homepage

Alt+2: Your Facebook profile page

Alt+3: Friend requests

Alt+4: Messages

Alt+5: Notifications

Alt+6: Account page

Alt+7: Privacy settings

Alt+8: Facebook’s page on Facebook

Alt+9: Facebook Terms of Use

Alt+0: Facebook Help Center

Alt + ?: Enables Search

Alt+m: Compose a new message

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Explorer

Same as that of Chrome, but you need to hit “Enter” key after the combination.
Eg: Alt + ? and then hit Enter Key ~ Enables Search

Source : Lifehacker

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