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Facebook Messages is here. Email. Text. Chat.


The speculation behind Project Titan was right. Facebook has made it official. Get ready for your own @facebook.com address.

So what’s special with Facebook Messages? It incorporates email, FB messages, SMS, other chat clients, all in one place. So, instead of having some chats in one chat client and some in another, FB Messages streamlines it all into one place.

Getting an @facebook mail ID is not mandatory. You can even setup gmail or other clients to forward your mail to FB. Messages will be threaded.

There is also a feature Friends-only Inbox. Facebook hopes that this “Social Inbox” wil be the next big thing. You’ll only see messages from your friends (and friends of friends)Messages from outside of your Facebook circle will go into a separate folder. You even have an option to “bounce” back an email that is not from your friends circle.

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