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Facebook shows interest in acquiring Twitter


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Twitter Turns Down a $500 Million Offer from Facebook

Twitter and Facebook

Twitter has reportedly turned down a $500 million acquisition offer from Facebook on 24th Nov 2008. Twitter executives believed it was worth taking a shot at creating their own revenue-generating system before giving up the company to acquisitions. And, BoomTown’s sources say that the $500 million offer, which was an all-stock form, was seen as being “inflated,” since Facebook’s actual valuation is said to be close to $5 billion.

Image Courtesy : Trevor Mauch

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2 responses to “Facebook shows interest in acquiring Twitter”

  1. Rapidshare says:

    I agree with Ajay on this….. I think it's a big mistake….How is twittewr ever going to make money… Take the money.

  2. Ajay Pathak says:

    i think twitter has made a big mistake

    i am not able get how they will make money?

    all social networking websites are for wasting your time excepet linkedin.