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FD linux


Fd Linux is a very tiny floppy distribution of Linux based on RedHat, small enough to fit on one floppy disk [kernel + root file sys ]

Fd Linux has been optimized, tested, and is able to run on as little as a 386 with 8MB of RAM!

fd linux fits in a floppy disk smallest linux disrto

Inspite of it’s tiny size, it boasts of great features like :

  • Built-in firewall support
  • IP-Masquerading
  • Kernel and system-level logging
  • User-friendly network setup scripts
  • ext2 and vfat (Windows) file system support
  • In depth set of module loading binaries
  • Easy-to-use Interactive Network Setup script
  • LILO boot loader integration into boot process
  • Support for various popular Network Interface Cards
  • Wireless support tools for 802.11b wireless card setup
  • Add-on package support for additional utilities
  • Customization of startup scripts for personalized use

Download FD Linux now | Visit Homepage

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