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Find the Cell Phone Signal Strength in your room

This app truly helped me a lot. The cellphone range in my room was always very poor. Every time I took a call, I used to walk out to the balcony of another room facing the other direction (to get better signal strength) and the call would be dropped. I came across this great android app in the market recently and tried it out. It appears that there were two towers in my area and when I walked to the balcony, the signal from the first one became too weak and dropped the call and then my phone would connect to the second tower when I reach the balcony. With Open Signal Maps, I could also find out that I get 85% signal strength near the window of my room itself. Now I’ve placed a chair there and take calls from that spot when in my room.

Open signal maps:

  • Shows the location and direction of the cellphone tower your phone is currently connected to
  • View cell tower data – down to details like exact location, direction, signal strength, type of connection, tower ID, network etc.
  • Make a Graph of your signal strength and find the best spot in your house or room to make a phone call

Visit: homepage
Please note that you’d need GPS and 3G/GPRS Data Packet connections enabled for the app to function fully.

Here’s the QR Code for the app

Or get the android app from the Android Market.


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