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Find out who Unfriended you on Facebook


Who Deleted Me is Facebook app that, according to its author – does something which is largely agreed that Facebook itself should do: letting you know who has unfriended or deleted you.

How to find out who deleted you on Facebook

It is a known fact that Facebook doesn’t allow users to check who viewed their profile like in Orkut. This is a step taken by Facebook to protect the privacy of the person viewing your profile. There are a number of Hoax apps/links on Facebook doing rounds claiming to show your profile visitors. But Who.Deleted.Me is not hokum.

What it does

Once you grant rights to the app, it does periodic checks of your friends list and reports to you when someone has unfriended you from his/her list. Hence, you will be getting the notifications only from the time you have authorized this app. Who.deleted.me sends out a mail a day (provided there is something to be mailed – like someone deleting you or deactivates his/her Facebook account).

Visit: http://who.deleted.me/

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