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Five Best DropBox Alternatives for Cloud File Hosting


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It’s always a good idea to have your important data backed up on the cloud. And when you think of a web based cloud hosting service, DropBox would be the first thing that pops into mind. DropBox is definitely a great service, but here are a few alternatives to DropBox.

The next name that comes to mind after DropBox is Box.net.  It is one of the many sites like sites like dropbox. It easily integrates with online services like Gmail and Zoho. It also features apps for iPhone and iPad. Box.net does not have a shell-integration though.
FREE: 1GB Storage Space
Homepage: http://box.net/

Windows Live SkyDrive
Initially started as Windows Live Folders with 5GB of free space, MS decided to rebrand it to “SkyDrive” and also throw in a generous 25GB free space. Live SkyDrive gives the maximum storage space for a FREE service. But single files can be a maximum 50MB in size. You’d have to go PRO to bypass the file size restriction. You can install the SkyDrive extension for Windows and start uploading files with ease.
FREE: 25GB Storage Space!
Homepage: http://skydrive.com/

Memopal offers 3GB for free without time limit and 200GB for $ 49/year, which is a pretty good deal. Memopal also has a cross-platform client – For Linux x86/x86_64, for Mac, for Windows and the iPhone.
FREE: 3GB Storage
Homepage: http://memopal.com/

Amazon Cloud Drive
Amazon Cloud Drive provides 5 GB free storage space by default, with a great new indroductory offer. If you get an MP3 ambum from amazon before the end of 2011, your Cloud Drive’s storage space will be upgraded to 20GB for an entire year!
If you want more storage space that the 5GB provided for free, the charge is $1 per extra GB. The pricing is very decent, but Amazon Cloud Drive lacks some basic features like an auto-syncing Desktop app like Dropbox’s
FREE: 5GB Storage
Homepage: Amazon Cloud Drive

ZumoDrive is a cloud-based file synchronization/storage service by Zecter (Now acquired by Motorola Mobility). ZumoDrive FREE account offers 2 GB of storage, and users can upgrade to paid plans from 10 GB – 500 GB by paying subscription fees.
FREE: 2GB Storage
Homepage: http://zumodrive.com/

Lots More Alternatives

Dmailer Backup – FREE: 2GB Storage

Syncplicity – Personal Edition (2 GB Storage – FREE) and Business Edition (50 GB Storage – $15/month)

Wuala – FREE: 1GB Storage

Windows Live Mesh [Live Mesh, Windows Live Sync and Windows Live FolderShare] – FREE: 5GB Storage

SpiderOak – FREE: 2GB Storage

SugarSync – FREE: 5GB Storage


Gmail Drive: A small extension that’s been around for long. Lets you use Gmail space for storing files by creating a virtual file system around your Google Mail account.
Gmail Drive was a widely used utility for a long time until Google came up with Google Docs added support for Google Docs in Gmail.
Visit Homepage: http://www.viksoe.dk/code/gmail.htm

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