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Gears of War Minimum system requirements

Minimum system requirements clock in at a 2.4Ghz Intel chip, 1GB of RAM, and an Nvidia 6600 graphics card.

Connectivity: System Link, Live Aware
Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080i, Widescreen
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Customization: Editing Tools, Custom Soundtracks
Offline Modes: Cooperative
Online Modes: Cooperative, Team Oriented
Number of Players: 1-2
Number of Online Players: 8 Online

———————————————Updated : 24 Nov 2007


OS: Windows Vista or Windows XP
Processor : 2.4+ GHz Intel; 2.0+ Ghz AMD
RAM : 1 GB
Hard Drive : 12 GB free hard drive space
Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce 6600, ATI X700 equivalent or above
Online Multi-player: Broadband Internet Connection,
Games for Windows — LIVE Gold Subscription

Gears of War 2 : Limited Edition

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185 responses to “Gears of War Minimum system requirements”

  1. messi says:

    my processor is 1.8gzh,1gb ram,128mb of graphics memory. can i play gears of war in my pc. ……..

  2. prudhvi says:

    can gears of war will work on nvidia geforce 210 GT

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  7. canadagoose11 says:

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  8. Imran khan says:

    can anybody please tell me whether gears of war 1 run in my pc…?? my pc has following specifications:
    2gb ram, 2ghz core 2 duo processor, 358mb intel graphic card….

    • dude says:

      i don't know about intel graphic card exept that it sucks like hell and give me more specific information about your intel core 2 duo like how many Ghz and e****

    • Yuximia says:

      Sure it will run. My pc have Intel P4 but still GOW runs in it but ur PC is better than mine so it will definately work.

  9. Hacksniff says:

    I have ATI 2 gb graphix support 8 GB DDR3 ram 1tb stt Hard disk… Nothing runs in ma pc but everything flies like a jet …………………….u "Master cheif" u r a mthr F* piece of big shit on earth…xtra weight 4 earth….u dont have a penny in ur hand and want to play gears of wars hahahhahaaaaa fk u dump ass ……..

  10. Ari3s says:

    can i work ti in
    nvidia geforce 8400 GS?
    pls Reply

  11. Too bad that 95%% of the posts out there are not even close to this one. People just publish anything on their blogs. I'll check out some more articles here. πŸ™‚

  12. ilija says:

    can i run gears of war on windows 7

  13. ADAJ says:

    intel graphics media accelarator will support eh? config is i3 , 4 gb ram

  14. shivanthing says:

    Don't waste your time with this PC version of gears of war. If you have a 360. You can get an even cheaper version of it for less than 29.99 dollars more than likely. It is full of bugs. And shames the 360 version. Get the original. Or if you do not have a 360. Give this a go. But patch it immediatly before playing.

  15. shahzad says:

    my pc is 1.5 512 256 ati redeon 9600

    can i play the gear of war?

  16. ahsan says:

    i dont have navidia ,agp 94 can it play

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