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GoDaddy 500 Internal Server Error Fix


I was facing the Internal Server Error on my GoDaddy hosting after installing the WP-Cache plugin.

Givver has a post over at his blog that helped me fix the problem. So, if you are facing the 500 “Internal Server Error” on your wordpress blog after installing the WP Cache, have a look at GoDaddy 500 Internal Server Error at Ramblings of a Bored Geek and get it fixed ..

cheers !  ( and thankyou Givver )

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8 responses to “GoDaddy 500 Internal Server Error Fix”

  1. Givver says:

    I have been using GoDaddy for several years and have no problems. There service is up all the time and i have very few problems and if i do there telephone tech support is great.

  2. Fatcow says:

    I am beginning to get truly irked. I can't seem to find a good shared web host for my web pages. I am using ixwebhosting, however they are usually down almost daily! Will somebody help me?

  3. Givver says:

    To turn on Error Logging on GoDaddy:

    Login in GoDaddy then go into My Hosting Account.

    Click Manage Account

    Click on Settings

    Click on Error Log

    Click Update

    Error Logging is now on.

    Click Launch CGI Admin to see the log.

    It will only turn the logging on for 24 hours, then it will be automatically turned off again.

  4. fire says:

    I get the same error. how to turned on Error Logging instead of 500 error?

  5. Emil says:

    …yes, 100% correct. Few moment ago I had a same exact problem on my clients website, discovered that problem was in wp-cache so I disable it, however even after that the same problem…

    So I went on my FTP delete wp-cache and took down the wp-cache folder as well, that was installed in root /cache

    Good Luck,


    PS As soon as this is deleted no problems whatsoever!~

  6. Had the same thing happening to us one day after having 4 consecutive stumbles and two posts going hot on Sphinn. Go Daddy was supposed to be switching the hosting plan and migrating the servers and they dropped the ball and had our site down for 3 days as a result. All that I can see is the burning 500 Internal Server Error etched in my memory as I see red to this day as a result of their error.

    I lost 200 pages from Google's index from the downtime and have yet to see the rankings return as a result.

  7. zorn says:

    I know this article is old, but this is exactly what is happening to me. Thanks for posting about this, it is why blogs are great. 😉

  8. Givver says:

    Glad I could help.


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