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Google Analytics gets a brand new User Experience

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Google Analytics gets a brand new look with better user experience. Login to your Analytics account and you should see a “New Version” link on the top right [in closed beta right now]. The roll-out started in mid March 2011 and Google will gradually send it to users in phases. Google had updated the interface sometime back. This new update has minor changes to the functionality, focuses on the UI (User Interface) and more importantly on the UX (User Experience). Getting to items you want are less cluttered and easier to find.

Minimalist Homepage & Top Navigation Bar

Very Minimalist at first look. Just the information you need. The Top Navigation Bar also keeps links to the minimum. Just the essentials. The Navigation Bar also separates the Analytics items (left) and the Account items (right).

Color Scheme

Google Analytics got the “Orange” theme quite a while back. However, this update has given it a darker shade of Blue. Earlier revisions of the UI came out with very light variants of blue like Sky Blue.


The Sidebar looks way neater now. The fade in/out on link hover adds to eye candy, while keeping it to the minimum and not spoiling the professional look.

Date Picker

The Date Picker has also undergone a cosmetic surgery. It’s better than the old one. Also, like the newly rolled out AdSense Interface, we have an option to select Date Ranges like “Yesterday” and “Last Month”. This is a great option.

Data Area

The Graphs and Pie Charts are the same, but the data tables look cleaner and bigger. All in all, it’s a good redesign with more thoughts applied at making the whole experience better rather than just the looks.

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