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Google indexes just 0.02% of world’s information

google_1000tb_information_world.jpgThe Berkeley’s School of Information Management Systems calculated how much unique information was produced in 1999 and again in 2002 (measuring the volume of unique data created in the world each year saved to film, disk, optical, and paper).

The 1999 study estimated that about 3,000,000 TB of unique information were produced that year.
The later study estimated that about 5,609,121 TB was produced in 2002.
Assuming the same growth rate to present, about 11,278,629 TB of new information were produced in 2006.

In November of 2006, Google released a paper which mentioned that Google’s web index at the time was 800 TB and Bigtable as a whole was approx ~1085 TB.

Volume of Information predicted in 2006 : 11,000,000 + TB
Volume of Information indexed by Google : 1,000+ TB
% of Information of the world indexed by Google ~ 0.02 %

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