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Google to make AdSense ads display faster


Yes, the web is filled with AdSense ads. In some sites, it’s reported that Google’s ad loading take upto 12% of the total page load times.

Google is now planning to replacing the existing 40K AdSense JavaScript (show_ads.js) with a much smaller script. The new compact script will create an inline frame < IFRAME > on the webpage.
The advantage is that the parent site will continue to load and a new connection will attempt to load the IFRAME contents. So, there will not be any time wasted for fetching and displaying AdSense ads on a page.

Existing users would not have to change any code on their website. The required changes would be implemented by Google.

“We want to minimize the amount of time we spend blocking the publisher page,” said Google mathematician Michael Kleber. “We want to do it without them changing anything on their page, because, you know, AdSense is on millions of websites, and there’s no way we’re going to get millions to change their pages.” he added.

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5 responses to “Google to make AdSense ads display faster”

  1. Friv.com says:

    I think from 18 March, they changed a lot of things, but this is a good thing, what they done I mean, still is not so perfect the code, still happening 🙂

  2. thinkdj says:

    Testing autopost to twitetr

  3. thinkdj says:

    Realtime? Yup.

  4. thinkdj says:

    Hey, I’m just testing out Livefyre commenting…

  5. skate says:

    It wold be great, most pages are very simple and loads faster without google adsense, i found this page searching "preload adsense…"

    Good luck!


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