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Google Voice App On iPhone


Is seems that Apple finally approved “Google Voice” App for the iPhone. It is now available free for download from the App store. Google had actually submitted the app to the store over 16 months back! It was neither approved nor rejected by Apple.

The App allows users to make voice calls to other Gtalk users and also allows them to check Gmail, send SMS to their contacts, and get notifications (push alerts) when someone sends them a message! It is currently available only to US residents and will be rolled-out to other countries by mid 2011. The app ca be used only on the iPhone (not the iPad)

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One response to “Google Voice App On iPhone”

  1. "Siri" is good with most iPhones, as this iPhone apps development was years ago, it was useful compared to these days, but iPhone app users are using siri which has been updated recently with flexible features. So I don't say that google voice app is not worth, though Google asked Apple not to develop same the you tube app, it was started developing apps for iPhone.