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Google’s PageRank update


The latest updation of PageRank hasnt been good to bloggers. Google has started penalizing blogs and websites which sell text links.

The primary audience for many of these sites are bloggers. These sites derive their popularity from others who are quite likely being penalized. Now that the algorithm has been changed and all those links have lost their juice, the popular blogging niche sites are losing Page Rank as a byproduct.

It is unclear if this is due to a change in the algorithm or due to intentional penalization for selling text links on the sites.

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11 responses to “Google’s PageRank update”

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  9. thinkdj says:

    Hey daniel..

    It seems they were really penalized for selling text links.. Iv seen many bloggers now taking off the TLA widgets and contacting google for a rollback..

  10. Daniel says:

    Yes, its always visible on the following DCs:

    But if its the same procedere as by the last PR-update, than we should be wait for some unexpected PR-rollback.


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