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Groupon enters India, South Africa and Israel


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Google failed to acquire Groupon. And after raising $950 million in its recent round of funding, Groupon seems to be bent on increasing its presence in more cities across the globe.

Groupon has been acquiring websites similar to it which offer daily deals in local markets. In this regard, Groupon has acquired three companies – soSasta (India), Twangoo (South Africa) and Grouper (Israel). Groupon already operates in more than 150 cities around the world and has more than 4000 employees. These new acquisitions

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3 responses to “Groupon enters India, South Africa and Israel”

  1. MetroDeal says:

    Groupon keeps on expanding in different countries, along with their top competitor LivingSocial and other group buying sites that has emerged from different countries. Their business concept has make it one of the most effective campaigns for everyone around.

  2. Thanks for the update about Groupon. I am the regular buyer from the site soSasta. In Sanskrit language, Sasta means cheap. Therefore the company had acquired that name.

    – 'soSasta' means 'So cheap'.