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Heat levels in NFS Most Wanted


There are five heat levels in the game (with a hidden sixth and seventh heat level at the end of Career mode and in the Black Edition respectively), three authoritative levels (Civic/Local, State, and Federal Cops), and 10 kindsa police vehicles. You start off Campaign mode only with Heat levels 1 and 2 (City/Local Police)

By defeating Blacklist Rivals, you can then achieve higher heat levels:

5 Heat levels NFS MW cheats

  • Heat level 3 (State Police): Defeat the Blacklist Rival #13.
  • Heat level 4 (Undercover State Troopers): Defeat the Blacklist Rival #9.
  • Heat level 5 (Federal Authorities): Defeat the Blacklist Rival #5.
  • Heat level 6 (Cross Street Racing Unit): Defeat the Blacklist Rival #1 (final level).

After you beat the Rockport’s Most Wanted level, Heat level 5 will then consist of both the Federal Authorities and Cross Street Racing Units.

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27 responses to “Heat levels in NFS Most Wanted”

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  2. NFSMW says:

    There are more than 10 heat levels, if you use mod.

    Heat 1:
    -Civic Cruiser

    Heat 2:
    -Civic Undercover Cruiser

    Heat 3:
    -State Pursuit Vehicle
    -SUV Light

    Heat 4:
    -State Undercover Vehicle
    -SUV Heavy
    -Spike Strips

    Heat 5:
    -Federal Pursuit Vehicle
    -SUV Heavy
    -Spike Sripes

    These are hidden heats, but can be spawned by the mod.

    Heat 6: (in challenge 68, final pursuit, and by the mod)
    -Federal Undercover Vehicle
    -SUV Heavy
    -Spike Stripes

    Heat 7: (in challenge 69/black edition only and by the mod)
    -SUV Heavy
    -Spike Stripes

    Heat 8: (by the mod only)
    -Federal Undercover Vehicle
    -SUV Light
    -SUV Heavy

    Heat 9: (by the mod only)
    -Civic Cruiser
    -Spike Stripes

    Heat 10: (by the mod only)
    -Cross (its bounty is 0)

    In heat 10, the heat is going to 11, but we need more than 30 minutes or an hour to pass it. So, heat 11 is unknown.

  3. Malek KL gangster says:

    I'm in blacklist #2 but my laptop was hang…suck!!!! 1 milestone only, I can beat Bull,#2…

  4. andrei says:

    can some one make a patch to unloack the plice heat level 6 in carrer?

    i know that is in the last challange and at the end of the game but it will be awsome to have level 6 in carrer mode 😀

  5. tyler otts says:

    i like heat level6and 7

  6. speedmaster says:

    hope u will not laugh but i'm still stuck on blacklist#10

  7. surendra says:

    hye u all i have complete 100% game NFSMW

    and my BMW GT heat level is upto 9? can u belive it no i know?

    but i have done it?

  8. hey says:

    if you got the pink slip from blacklist no #4 buy all the max performance for it. or buy a ford gt and do the same.

  9. STIG says:

    cross comes in after your defeat razor, it doesn't show heat level 6, it just show heat level 5, cross's units are like undercover cop cars exept they look different and are better.

    i successfully got 50,739,352 bounty in a chase that lasted 2hours and 43 minutes…

    i decided to stop then because i got bored lol


  10. ZyrEK says:

    cross comes…after u defeat Razor…(blacklist #1)

    • dark159 says:

      No he doesnt.Once you beat blacklist#5 it unlocks heat level 5 and cross comes in it

  11. Littletimmy says:

    Hey, What heat lvl does Cross come at? 5 6 or 7?


    • kooLAndrew says:

      heat level 10 hey but when you get to 10 every unit is cross and 0 bounty to take him out and i think you have to hack or not kill cross on final misson sorry to text so late i didnt know about the website.:] c:

    • dark159 says:


    • Kuba says:

      Cross first appears at the final pursuit, and then at Level 5, Cross will occasionally appear.

  12. Butters says:

    Police Cruiser

    Undercover Cruiser

    Police Pontiac GTO

    Undercover Pontiac GTO

    Police Chevrolet Corvette C6

    Undercover Chevrolet Corvette C6

    Police SUV

    Police SUV Heavy


    Police Helicopter

    that's 10 Police Vehicle

  13. RaZoR says:

    I find it hard to defeat Blacklist#3 .. Any suggestions ?

    • surendra says:

      hye man its too easy just select gallardo car and set the upgrade parts

      i know where u face the problem in circle race dont wrry

      its not hard the first circle race just complet first lap and just follow the ronny blacklist 3's car and next lap the blacklist's car crash and u 'll overtake that basturd understand and make sure that dont crash ur car in any corner?

    • meawesome says:

      take as many short cuts and if you can try to push him into cars to slow him down.

  14. pHie says:

    very old stuff . . . .

    very old stuff . . . .


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