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Help make Firefox better: Become a Test Pilot


A Week In the Life of A Browser (v2) is a study will be running from October 2010 to October 2011 by Mozilla Labs. Once you decide to contribute browser statistics, it periodically collect data on the browser’s basic performance for one week, running the same study again every month, repeatedly. . Based on the previous version of “A Week In the Life of a Browser” Study, several new metrics have been added to the new version of the auto-recurring study (v2).

– Do people restore webpages when they close the browser? If yes, how can we make it smarter for our users?

– Dose the amount of extensions installed effect the start-up speed of the browser? If yes, which one slows down our users?

– Is the browser robust enough to work for our users smoothly all the time? How often does it crash and when? How can we make it crash less?

– How is the memory usage look like when users browsing online? Does the usage pattern have anything to do with the profile age? If yes, how can we improve it?

What data will Mozilla collect?

Mostly anonymous browser usage stats for activities like:

  • Start, Restart or Shut Down of the Browser
  • Idle Time
  • Private Browsing Time
  • User Profile Age/Size [No profile data is taken. Only Stats]
  • Downloads and Bookmarking Activities (Again, only stats. NO DATA will be collected)
  • Number of Extensions installed
  • RAM usage over time used

Download Test Pilot and start helping. You can opt-out anytime.

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