Hide your secret files INSIDE photos, videos or other files with OmniHide PRO.

Hide files inside JPEG Images and videos


Got to know of this handy utility for Windows called OmniHide. It basically allows you to hide files within other files. I have tried it to:

  • Hide files inside avi video file
  • Hide files inside pdf document
  • Hide files inside jpeg, png image files
  • Hide files inside mp3 music files

It has actually worked for all the above cases. What the software does is that it takes the file to be hidden and puts it inside the mask file you specify. Then your mask file output will contain the hidden file too within it. It was just a 3 second job to hide a PDF within a PNG as a trial.  The output was a PDF and worked just as normal. You can then give the password and use the “Recover File” tab to get back the original file.

Download the Trial here.
Check out the homepage here.

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