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How much is your website worth ?


CyberWyre has developed a tool to evaluate the value of a website based on the site’s Alexa Ranking, Page Rank, Backlinks (from Yahoo, ATW and Altavista). It provides a rough estimate on the value of your site. It’s pretty much similar to the ‘How much is your blog worth’ tool based on the Technorati’s API, but throws up a different result. CyberWire tool indexes the site based on multiple params. and not just one factor like in the technorati tool.

It also shows an estimate of how much you can probably earn by Text Link Advertising, Affiliate Marketing etc..Check out Website Value Calculator

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16 responses to “How much is your website worth ?”

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  2. IHATO says:

    My site, http://ithappenedattheoffice.com/ was valued at $21, which makes sense for being 9 days old.

    Great tool! Will use again when my site is established.

  3. You can also try http://www.worthmy.com , It uses a different algorithm for calculate website value, obviously just for reference, a professional evaluation is always recommended.

  4. Have you ever considered adding more videos to your blog posts to keep the readers more entertained? I mean I just read through the entire article of yours and it was quite good but since I'm more of a visual learner,I found that to be more helpful. Just my my idea, Good luck

  5. Interesting post, having a little problem accessing the RSS feed. I would quite like to subscribe to your blog. Will try again tomorrow, hopefully it is fixed by then – Otherwise send me an e-mail and I might be able to help. Thanks, the guys from Tips and Articles on Everything Family

  6. Great site πŸ™‚ I'm very happy I wandered onto it through yahoo, Gonna need to put this one on the old bookmark list…

  7. Kyle says:

    http://www.mustat.com/ is the website value and traffic estimator I personnaly use.

  8. Interesting You have This is sure site. Not bad opinions too. Thanks alot

    buy links

  9. Mike says:

    Thanks for the valuable info, when valuating a website you should also consider http://www.websitevaluebot.com as it will give you a value based on every aspect of the fundamentals of a website except for revenue which is the only real way to work out a websites value.

    Monthly revenue times 6-12 depending on brand name, age and content is the true website market value which is why no website estimator online is accurate.

  10. PeekStats says:

    http://www.peekstats.com has a great tool for estimates.

  11. Rob says:

    Hey, I have found another website traffic and valuation site. http://www.webworth.info . Web Worth can estimate a web sites worth or value, daily ads revenue, daily page views, back links and directory listing

  12. brianG says:

    here s the link for cubestat: http://www.cubestat.com
    here is an other one: http://www.urlappraisal.net/ (this gives much higher value for some reason?!

  13. brianG says:

    i use cubestat.

  14. Lala says:

    Hi! I have found another website traffic and value estimator site. I'm talking about <a href="http://www.estimix.com” target=”_blank”>www.estimix.com . The estimation provided by estimix is the result of a complex analysis based on factors like: the age of the website, the demographic structure of the traffic, the countries where the website is popular and sources of the traffic.

  15. Dylan S says:

    Great job. I didn't expect to see this here. Glad I stumbled upon your site. Well done, bookmarked πŸ˜‰

  16. Tom says:

    You should also take a look at http://www.websitefact.com ; I found it very useful in terms of a website performance. It has some good info on there.


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