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How to change back to the default Home Screen on Android


It’s a piece of cake when it comes to making a new app as the default home screen for Android. But after setting an app as the default, it’s pretty hard to find out how to reset it back. Yes, android does show an info mentioning the procedure, but would you remember it later on?

Here’s how to change back to the old Android Home Screen after you have set some other app as a home screen replacement.

Go to your home screen and hit your phone’s menu key and then select “Settings”. Then choose “Applications” and then “Manage Applications”.

Scroll and find the current home screen replacement application you have used and select it to view properties.

Next, scroll down and you’ll see “Launch by default”.

Click on “Clear defaults” and hit the home key. Android should ask you again which app to use to complete the action. Choose TwLauncher and you’ll have your old home screen back.

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2 responses to “How to change back to the default Home Screen on Android”

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