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How to Download Picasa Web Album

Picasa web album is the free photo hosting and sharing service from Google. With the help of Picasa 3, you can easily save picasa web album to computer. It’s free, and easy to use. Then you can backup picasa 3 photos to CD/DVD but not for TV playback. This tutorial explains how to download picasa web album to computer so that you can use them to make DVD slideshow and play on TV with DVD player. 

Downloading Picasa Albums or Photos

You can download entire albums and individual photos onto your computer from Picasa Web Albums.

What you need to download entire Picasa Album

  • Picasa must be installed on your computer. Download Here.
  • The album owner must enable ‘Allow any visitor to download my photos‘ on the Privacy and Permissions tab of the Settings page. Or you are the owner of Picasa Web Album.
  • Picasa Web Album account. Sign up here.


To Download an entire album:

1. From Picasa web album, click the album you’d like to download.

2. From the Download menu above your photos, select Download to Picasa.
3. In Picasa, if you’re not signed in to your Google Account for Picasa Web Albums, you’ll be prompted to do so.

4. In the window that appears, click the Download button.

The downloaded albums photos could be found in the ‘Downloaded Albums’ collection. For Windows, they locate under “My Documents\My Pictures\Downloaded Albums“.

You could also download an individual photo:

1. While viewing the photo you’d like to download, click the Download button above the photo.

2. Select Download Photo.

3. In the window that appears, select Save File.

4. After select save folder, click OK.

You can follow this tutorial to burn Picasa photo to DVD and enjoy Picasa photos on TV using DVD player.

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