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How to merge contacts from two Google accounts


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Contacts on my Android has been a disaster for over two months! It began to lag and dialer used to crash.
Finally decided to do a factory reset on Android and keep just ONE primary google account on the Android as a precaution. However, I have 3 Google accounts and the contacts are scattered over the three accounts. Since the lion’s share of contacts were on the primary account, I decided to import all the other accounts’ contacts to this one and use only the primary account on the Android.

Go to the old Google Contacts at https://www.google.com/contacts/ and select the account from which you need the contacts exported from.

To Export:
google contacts export

To Import:
google contacts importt


After successfully importing from multiple accounts, perform a merge and remove duplicates and merge contacts. Google does a good job at finding duplicates.

You can access all your contacts at https://contacts.google.com/

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