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How to monitor Adsense clicks in Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be used to track/monitor Google Adsense clicks and earnings too. Assuming that you have a working google analytics account, here’s how to go about linking both your accounts for Adsense analytics:

Linking accounts:

There should be a link in your Adsense account inviting you to integrate with your analytics account. This link will only be visible if both your Adsense and Analytics account has the same login.

You can find the link on Overview and Advanced Reports pages in Adsense. Click on it to activate the integration.

Couldnt figure it out? Watch the Integration video here.

Editing Linking Settings:

Once you have successfully activated the linking, you’ll need to specify some more params IF you have more than one site on your analytics account.

One site can be used as the master site and Analytics would start monitoring adsense for it without you having to modify the analytics code. But if you have more than one site in Analytics and would like to monitor each of it, you’ll have to add an extra tracking code to the analytics code.

Click on Edit AdSense linking settings from your Analytics home, and check all the sites you want adsense integration in and click next.

On the next screen, you’ll have to select your “Primary Domain”

Choose your primary domain and click next. There will not be a need to add additional code to monitor adsense for the domain you selected as Primary.

For other selected domains (if any), on the next screen, Analytics will provide you with a small js tracking code that needs to be added to the top of pages that already have the analytics code.

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