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Indian Salary Search Engine: Insider Inc.

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Insider Inc. is an Indian Salary Search Engine targeted at the Indian salary and job scene.

At Insider Inc, you can:

  • Share your Salary info (anonymous) and help other job seekers from India decide on the right salary to look out for
  • Browse Indian Companies, Job Titles and Jobs available
  • Find the salary by company or designation – drill down by city, years of experience, companies,
  • Find Average Salary, Median Salary (more accurate), salary rage for a particular job post, monthly in-hand salary and see annual package
  • See salaries  plotted in a scatter chart
  • See reviews and employee favourability of a company
  • Over 25 thousand salaries from over a 1000 companies across the Indian subcontinent covering all major cities like Mumbai, NCR, Chennai, Cochin, Tvm, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore
  • Browse all designations and locations
  • Job openings and opportunities available for a company or a designation


Insider Incorporated: Indian Salary and Jobs  Search

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