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Joomla.org converts forum from SMF to phpBB


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Joomla forums shift from SMF to phpBB The Joomla! community just completed migrating from SMF over to phpBB3. Brad Baker posted some of the details on the reason for Joomla.org’s use of phpBB3. The main reason to move over to phpBB stemmed from Joomla.org’s discomfort from bridging GPL applications with non-GPL applications. Baker says :

Why did we move to phpBB3?
Good question, and there is a simple answer. Whilst SMF was great for us, it is not licensed under GPL, and as a result many of our users who like to follow the choices we make were going to run in to integration issues in the future. As well as that, the team at phpBB have been great, with many of them offering to help, especially with the conversion.
In any case, we’re not going back, and the future is phpBB3!

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82 responses to “Joomla.org converts forum from SMF to phpBB”

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