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Legitimately install IE 7 on a pirated windows

Install Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) on a pirated windows

The Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) validation check process is now disabled in the Windows Internet Explorer 7 ‘Installation and Availability Update‘. So, users can install Internet Explorer 7 even if the version of Windows that is installed on the computer is not genuine.Get Internet Explorer 7 FINAL

Prior to the update, users who wanted to install Internet Explorer 7 from XP had to go through a WGA validation procedure. Once their operating system was labeled as genuine, they could enjoy Internet Explorer 7. XP users had to go through the hassles of the WGA mechanism every time they wanted to deploy and install the browser, even though their operating system had already been validated and re-validated as genuine.

IE6 still accounts for no less than 42.75% of the browser market at almost a year following the availability of IE7. Internet Explorer 7 owned at the end of September 2007, a 34.60% share of the browser market.

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