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Mac OS X Leopard GM Final 9A581 Kernel Patch INTEL / AMD


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Mac OS X Leopard GM Final 9A581 Kernel Patch INTEL / AMD

Download link :


This kernel patch will allow you to run the newest leopard build (10.5 final / 9a581) on your IBM x86 based Intel or AMD PC.

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22 responses to “Mac OS X Leopard GM Final 9A581 Kernel Patch INTEL / AMD”

  1. ioan says:

    can someone email the instructions to me?
    i have amd laptop, and if possible, the links for downloads. thanks

  2. eduardo says:

    já tentei instalar Iatkos v7, Ineded, kalyway, Leo4All, IATKOS S3 version 2

    no Iatkos V7 consegui fazer a instalação mais quando ele reinicia fica assim

    "waiting for boot volume with uuid"

  3. diti92 says:

    I have installed iPC x86 OS X on my pc and when it starts to run it freezes for o long long time.

    any ideas how to make this shit work πŸ˜›

  4. DaCheeseBall says:


    I have a Packard Bell Imedia which runs Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium just fine

    Now, I wanted to make a dual boot with

    Windows 7 , Ubuntu and Mac OS X

    Windows 7 and Ubuntu work perfectally! but Mac OS X… oh… we have some problems

    I have an AMD Athlon II x4 Processor, (Quad Core) and an Nvidea Graphics card. I have no idea what's wrong but, I run off Mac OS X X86 DVD (Torrent), Darwin askes me to to wait 8 Secs or press F8 button to do advance operations, so for 1st time I put it in a waited 8 Seconds, it reboots, so I press F8 and do -v to see what the problem is, I didn't get a chance to see what it was, because it rebooted so quick.

    Anyone know what my problem is? Thanks in advance!

    • Alex says:

      either you have not replaced the kernel or and ithingk this is it your processor will not work in leopard but in SL it may


    tengo una compac con procesador AMD 64 Athlon 3800+ con 1 gb de ram DDR2 180 gb de disco duro tarjeta madre ECS Nettle2 BIOS Phoenix version 5.19 graficos nVIDIA geforce6150SE nForce 430y tengo la imagen iso en dvd leopard 10.5.2 kalway trate de instalarlo pero me sale un error con el firewire necesito saber si estoy USANDO EL CORRECTO O DEBO HACER OTRO procedimiento, les agradeceria mucho si me ayudan por favor porque no puedo moverme de ese problema de antemano gracias, espero respuesta

    • willy2560 says:

      te recomiendo que uses la version de HAZARD es mas estable y muchas veces mas compatible con mas pc

  6. L.Taraka Rama Rao says:

    can somebody help me in installing osx86 on amd turion x2 64 dual core. Which version to be used. I tried with ipc 10.5.6 but with error "Still waiting for root device

    • Nitin Kushwaha says:

      u will need to make the disk bootable

      After installation is complete, you will need to make the partition bootable

      Boot from the DVD and hit F8

      Type in -s

      At the prompt, type in this:

      fdisk -e /dev/rdiskX —>(X is the number of your HD, if you only have one it's 0)


      f X —>(X is the number of the partition where you installed Leopard, usually 1 or 0) – if 0 doesn't exist, try 1




      hope this works!

      Nitin Kushwaha


      • manas says:

        Hi may name is Manas Ranjan. (Hyderabad-INDIA)

        i tried above this process how to install mac on PC. but doesn't working properly.

        and i love mac os x better than windows but except Windows-XP.

        Already i had mac 10.4. but now i missed that one.

        please tell me how to install mac os x 10.5.2 or advanced version on my PC

        system config : AMD Atholn(tm) 5000 Dual-Core Processor

        795 MHz, 2 GB RAM

        And one another point. i want to dual boot also. I tried Boot camp. windows 7 and mac OSX. but i cant.

        So plz give me solution about this…

        Thank You.

    • sam says:

      first create partition primer mode in NTFS and must active partition then install

  7. ankit says:

    hi, i have a compaq laptop with an AMD X2 processor.

    i want to run mac osx on it. i had put it once an year ago but wasnt able to run my hardware decies like pan card and sound. how can that be fixed. any help ?

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  9. PRAMOD says:


    can i install it in my dell 170 optiplex system

    it has Intel m/b with p4 2.8ghz and 1 gb RAM

    i tryed to install but after install it say

    you need to restart your system.

    pls help me how can it run it in my PC

  10. Leopard AMD Talk:

    connect failed πŸ™

  11. Leco says:

    I successfully installed Leopard 10.5.2 on my AMD Machine (Osx86), and it works flawlessly. Thanks to zephyroth and eddie11c for Leo4all.




    Amazing Resources for Osx86 (especially for AMD!)

  12. itsme says:

    do i use a legal copy of leopard, or do i have to download that to?