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Maximum Speed of ADSL2+


Rajiv told me today that BSNL was gonna roll out 8Mbps schemes soon. I had a feeling ADSL 2+ modems could handle only 2Mbps at max (Must have been coz of the 2+ part πŸ˜€ ).

Well, I googled for more info. and found :

Theorotical maximums of :
DSL – 8 Mbps
ADSL -12 Mbps
ADSL2+ -24 Mbps

ADSL stands for Asynchronous DSL. It means Max. Upload speed not equal to Max. download speed. In ADSL, downloads will be much faster than uploads. ADSL2+ extends the capability of basic ADSL by doubling the number of downstream bits. The data rates can be as high as 24 Mbit/s downstream and 1 Mbit/s upstream depending on the distance from the DSLAM (Telephone Exchange) to the customer’s home.

Ok, so it seems possible.. Im waiting for it. Go BSNL πŸ˜€

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