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Microsoft acknowledges the truth about Vista


Microsoft finally publicly acknowledged what most of us have known all along. It blinks and reduced the price of Vista, while acknowledging the fact that Vista sales is poor in retail segment.

The main segment of Microsoft’s revenue with Vista has been in selling OEM versions, which is shipped with a new PC/Laptop. However it is only a matter of time before computer vendors realize that they can provide alternative operating systems like Linux distros like Fedora or Ubuntu for free.

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2 responses to “Microsoft acknowledges the truth about Vista”

  1. Brian E says:

    Loved the comment above I think that you are correct and we should do something about it.

  2. kujo says:

    My copy of Ubuntu Ultimate has about 200 applicatios FREE.

    a 64 track studio

    drum machine






    rips everything

    burns everything

    changes any audio or video format from windows to linux and back again

    and security.

    UBUNTU is the strongest security in the home pc arena

    It is a fortress of solitude.

    Vista is a spyware machine built in partnership with the NSA's dictates. – look up longhorn nsa on google

    Ubuntu was built to kill Microsoft OS's.

    And it does.

    If you study such things Microsoft is shifting its resources into everything but it's os. Fortune 500 prefer linux servers for security and reliability.

    So stop being such a tool and download Ubuntu Ultimate, Duh?


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