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MS sued over the use of ‘Vista capable’ logo


MS sued over use of Vista capable logoA class-action lawsuit alleging that Microsoft deceived consumers has been given the green light by a federal court. The suit, fi led in Seattle, WA, alleges that Microsoft’s “Vista Capable” logo program—used on machines prior to the release of the OS—was intentionally misleading.

Many of the PCs that sported the badge used Intel’s anemic 915 integrated graphics chipset, which was incapable of running Vista’s 3D Aero interface. Federal judge Marsha Pechman allowed the case to proceed based on a “price inflation” theory that consumers were tricked into paying more for machines with the “Vista Capable” badge. How bad were the Vista Capable machines? One email from a Microsoft employee said “even a piece of junk will qualify.”

Source : Maximum PC Magazine

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