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MSI RS 480 M2 IL-2 Specifications


msi rs 480 m2 il2

  • 9.60 in.(L) x 9.60 in.(W); Micro- ATX
  • 2 DIMMs w/ DDR 400 upto 4 GB
  • 1 PCI-E 16X; 3 PCI; 8 USB
  • 6 Ch. Audio; 10/100 LAN; IEEE 1394; RAID; SATA; ATA 133
  • ATI Radeon Integrated Onboard Graphics
  • Live Update; Fuzzy Logic; PC Alert; MSI CoreCell


  • Supports 64-bit AMD® Athlon64/64FX processor (Socket 939)
  • Supports 3000+, 3200+, 3500+, 3800+, 4000+ and higher; FX53 and FX55 or higher


  • ATI Radeon® XPRESS 200 Chipset
    • HyperTransport connection to AMD K8 Athlon 64 processor
    • 8 or 16 bit control/address. data transfer both directions
    • 1000/800/400/200MHz “Double Data Rate” operation both direction
    • PCI Express x16 Graphic Interface
    • On-board Graphic shared up to 128MB
  • ATI ® SB400 Chipset
    • Ultra DMA 66/100/133 master mode PCI EIDE controller
    • Supports dual channel native Serial ATA/RAID controller that will supply 150MB/s and support RAID 0 or RAID 1
    • Integrated Hardware Sound Blaster / Direct Sound AC97 audio
    • ACPI & PC2001 compliant enhanced power management
    • Supports 8 USB2.0 ports (Rear x 4 / Front x 4)

Main Memory

  • Supports four 184-pin DDR SDRAMs up to 4GB memory size
  • Supports Dual Channel DDR400*/DDR333 DDR SDRAM (*Refer to MSI recommended modules)
  • Support for 2Mx32 (with 64-bit interface), 4Mx32, 8Mx32 and 16Mx16 memory devices
    Due to the High Performance Memory design, motherboards or system configurations may or may not operate smoothly at the JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) standard settings (BIOS Default on the motherboard) such as DDR voltage, memory speeds and memory timing. Please confirm and adjust your memory setting in the BIOS accordingly for better system stability.
    Example: Kingston HyperX DDR500 PC4000 operates at 2.65V, 3-4-4-8, CL=3.
    For more information about specification of high performance memory modules, please check with your Memory Manufactures for more details.


  • One PCI Express 16X slot
  • Three PCI 32-bit Master PCI Bus slots. (support 3.3v / 5v PCI bus interface)
  • BIOS
  • The mainboard BIOS provides “Plug & Play” BIOS which detects the peripheral devices and expansion cards of the board automatically.
  • The mainboard provides a Desktop Management Interface (DMI) function which records your mainboard specifications.


  • 3D Graphics
    • Full DirectX 9.0 Support (Vertex Shader v2.0 and Pixel Shader v2.0) with full precision floating point pixel pipeline, up to 4 Multiple-Render-Targets (MRTs)
    • Supports Microsoft’s next generation GDI+user interface and support resolution up to 2536×2536@32bpp
  • 2D Graphics
    • Highly optimized 128-bit engine capable of processing multiple pixels per clock
    • Game acceleration including support for Microsoft’s DirectDraw, Double Buffering, Virtual Sprites, Transparent Blit, and Masked Blit.
    • Supports a maximum resolution of 2048×1536@32bpp
    • Support for new GDI extensions in Windows® XP: Alpha BLT, Transparent BLT, Gradient Fill

On-Board IDE

  • An IDE controller on the ATI SB400 chipset provides IDE HDD/CD-ROM with PIO, Bus Master and Ultra DMA 66/100/133 operation modes. It can connect 4 Ultra ATA drives.
  • Serial ATA/150 controller integrated in ATI SB400
  • Up to 150MB/s transfer speed
  • Can connect up to 4 Serial ATA drives
  • Support RAID 0 or RAID 1


  • 6 Channel software audio codec Realtek ALC658C
  • Compliance with AC97′ v2.3 Spec
  • Meet PC2001 audio performance requirement

IEEE 1394

  • Supports upto 2 x 1394 ports. one 6-pin 1394 connector on Rear I/O, the other is supported by onboard Pin header. Transfer rate up to 400Mbps.
  • Controlled by VIA 6307 chipset


  • Realtek 8100C
  • Supports 10/100 Mb/s auto-negotiation operation.
  • Compliant with PCI v2.2 and PC99 standard .
  • Compliance with ACPI Power Management

On-Board Peripherals

  • 1 floppy port supports 1 FDD with 360K, 720K, 1.2M, 1.44M and 2.88Mbytes
  • 1 serial ports COM1
  • 1 VGA port
  • 1 parallel port supports SPP/EPP/ECP mode
  • 8 USB 2.0 ports (Rear x 4 / Front x 4)
  • 3 audio ports in vertical (Line-out, Line-in, MIC)
  • 1 IEEE 1394 6pin out
  • 1 RJ-45 jack


  • 9.60 in.(L) x 9.60 in.(W) Micro-ATX Form Factor


  • 8 mounting holes


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