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Access 2 gmail accounts at the same time, on the same browser!


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This is great news for gmail users who use multiple gmail accounts. Google recently notified users that they will be able to sign in with two additional accounts at the same time, and easily toggle back and forth between them easily. Some services like Picasa and Blogger does not support this feature yet (they will be logged in with your firstly logged in google account)

How to enable

Visit google.com/accounts and click the link next to “Multiple sign-in.” After you sign into your first account, you can sign in with up to two additional accounts from the new accounts menu in the upper right hand corner of Gmail, then easily toggle back and forth between them. You can even open multiple Gmail tabs — one for each of your accounts.


From Google Blog.

Please keep in mind that this is a feature for advanced users, and there are a couple things to watch out for:

1) Not all Google services support multiple account sign-in yet. For the services that don’t support it (like Blogger and Picasa Web Albums), you’ll be defaulted to the first account you signed in with during that browser session. So if you click a link from Gmail to Blogger, for example, you’ll be logged into Blogger with the first account you signed in with, even if you clicked the link to Blogger from your second Gmail account.

2) We’re still working on making Gmail and Calendar work offline with multiple sign-in. If you rely on offline access, you probably don’t want to enable this feature quite yet.

3) Multiple account sign-in only works on desktop browsers for now, so if you use Gmail on your phone’s browser you won’t see this option yet.

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6 responses to “Access 2 gmail accounts at the same time, on the same browser!”

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  2. DonnitWork says:

    still doesn't work. After activating the "Multiple Sign-In" feature, I can open two different gmail accounts in separate tabs….but after a few minutes of inactivity the first account automatically signs me out. When i go back to sign into it, it then signs me out of the second account in the other tab.

    Closing everything and then re-initiating the process works for a bit, then it automatically signs me out of the first account again after several minutes of inactivity.

  3. atish says:

    Thanks a million for sharing the information,

    This will also help other users.

  4. mohit says: