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Nanoscan – Instant Antivirus Scan



NanoScan is a fast online virus scanner by Panda Software. It takes only about a minute to scan your whole PC. NanoScan is a free online solution that detects different kind of malware that could be running on the computer

Visit http://www.nanoscan.com/

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2 responses to “Nanoscan – Instant Antivirus Scan”

  1. Wow that is an very crazy article . I like your website. Maybe you should write more articles of these type.

  2. I find it ridiculous that many PC owners prefer installing all kinds of trials and demos and “free scan” of programs, and what’s worse – they’re advised to install as many security programs as possible. In my experience, a web scanner sometimes if a better choice. It’s easy to try a dozen of virus scanners, and in many cases they really help to remove malware.
    But of course none of these services provide real-time protection. They’re mostly for additional testing and energency cases.