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New Account Activity and Log Off feature on Gmail


Google logoff active session

Gmail now has account activity shown on the footer to let you know if you’re still logged on elsewhere and also gives you a chance to disconnect remotely.

Clicking on details brings a window that shows the recent activity associated with the logged in account like the Access type, IP address used to login etc..  Also, it indicates if the current account is open  elsewhere so that you can logoff safely, if necessary.

gmail account activity window showing IP addresses

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3 responses to “New Account Activity and Log Off feature on Gmail”

  1. Rammi says:

    Today I've found that my last email, received few hours ago is marked as READ. So I was looking for "gmail activity log" and found this website. But in my activity log, there is no activity for last 20 hours… strange…

  2. Olga Mayers says:

    Can you please provide more information on this?

  3. jiimiona says:

    nice, definitely