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New Rapidshare CAPTCHA – Playing Cats n Dogs, anyone?


rapidshare.com gets a new look

All right.. The new look rapidshare is alive and kickng .. But I liked the old layout better. The new CAPTCHA system is a real pain in the ass..
It generates a random code with twisted letters and numbers. But wait.. There are little kittens and dogs (apparently) attached to each of the letters. You have to enter the ones with the ‘cats’ alone and NOT the dogs in order to get through. And finding which one’s a cat and which is the dog is where the real pain lies.

Rapidshare cat and dogs captcha
Whoa! Apparently, the P has a DOG and NOT a CAT .. So, the correct code would be 6BLC and nothing else. Hey! That was easy, right ?

CAPTCHA these days are becoming more of a mental challenge to genuine users, making it so difficult to get past them. Lets hope rapidshare changes their new CAPTCHA system  ASAP.

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8 responses to “New Rapidshare CAPTCHA – Playing Cats n Dogs, anyone?”

  1. Holy crap you guys should get into this !

  2. nice work do u want to link exchange

    plz visit my site

  3. MadHacker says:

    @Quakeboy ..

    Youre so right dude . I got pissed off big time ..

  4. Quakeboy says:

    I was wondering if anyone has already blogge abt the new logo.. and u did

    Ha… i was actually recognising a captha for more than a minute !!

  5. solcuerda says:

    The easiest way to avoid the captchas is to pay for a premium account.

    Imagine that, having to actually pay to receive something. The controversy of it all.


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