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NFS Carbon Vp6 movie player


NFS Carbon – NFSC Vp6 Video Player (By Sucubus ).


  The author: Sucubus
E-mail: sucubus@ukr.net
The description:
Player for reproduction of video from game
NFS Carbon. Reproduces vp6 files, which
Are in a folder/MOVIES/
Player can save video from game NFS
Carbon (vp6) in format AVI

Description: Utility to view the video of the game ( found in /MOVIES/ folder ) NFS Carbon. Utilities also makes it able to save the video of NFS Carbon (vp6 – file format) in avi format.

DOWNLOAD NFSC Vp6 Movie Player
Size: 1.86 MB

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20 responses to “NFS Carbon Vp6 movie player”

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  2. canadagoose11 says:

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  3. This is a good write-up, I was wondering if I could use this article on my website, I will link it back to your website though. If this is a problem please let me know and I will take it down right away.

  4. Ales112 says:

    What is the password of this file???

  5. riaz says:

    no use it plays only the first clip you added to it, all the time even if you select any of the other nfs videos it plays the last one.

  6. Hassaan says:


    Its Not/Working LULz…

    lala Boom Boom Boom!

  7. Prabash says:

    Nice to use it. I was looking for this in long time. Thankz……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. EHH says:

    there is no sound

  9. thinkdj says:


    Thanks for the info dude !

  10. CrOaTiAn says:

    oh i found the download link

  11. CrOaTiAn says:

    where i should click to download it??

  12. rex holmes says:

    i wanna see the vediofiles in nfs

  13. Hassan says:

    ****** Its not a player but a converter, it will convert vp6 files to avi files first and then play it. It will store avi file in the temp folder and then automatically deletes it after you watched the video.

  14. ABC says:

    Hi…its nice. but where is the voice??

  15. i wantto berelyyyy soo i couldn't plzthnx

  16. Homosapien says:

    I hope EA should use the Bink Video Technology in next series , after the ProStreet.

  17. Hassan says:

    Thanks i was looking for that.

  18. Rakesh Pawar says:

    I want to see the videos of NFS on my tv screen


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