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Nofollow Blacklist Plugin for WordPress


This plugin adds a rel=”nofollow” tag when linking to external sources. All domains on the list will be rel nofollowed.

It’s based on the Wikipedia nofollow plugin and now allows you to add/remove/edit domains from a blacklist.

Note: If you add for example wikipedia.org every subdomain from wikipedia will be rel nofollowed, but if you add en.wikipedia.org then only the subdomain will be rel nofollowed.



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3 responses to “Nofollow Blacklist Plugin for WordPress”

  1. I m looking to make only specific Pages of my blog No follow, The rest of them i want it to remain as dofollow.. any idea how.. ?

  2. Kirkorov says:

    Terrible. It is pitty.

  3. Ahson says:

    Is it possible to rel=no follow ALL links on all posts?